This section of the website is primarily relevant to those leading services at St Johns, whether as part of the benefice clergy team or as visiting service leaders.

Mission Praise Index:

St John’s uses Mission Praise as its primary Hymn Book. The index provided below  is sorted alphabetically. Next to the song title is an annotation 1, 2 or 3. Songs marked with a number are known to the St John’s congregation. 3 is a well known song. 1 is a lesser known song. The index is in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.

Mission Praise Index

Release Song Index (Click link below)



New songs

We have been busily introducing newer songs over the last two years. The songs below are our monthly new songs. Hyperlinks are supplied to YouTube where possible.

Children’s songs

Introduced Book no. Title
Jan 2013 Our/My God is a Good God
June 2013 God loves me I want to shout it out
Nov 2013 Every move I make [Na na na na na na]

April 2014                                God who made the universe (God’s love is big)


Also known:

Our God is a Great Big God


General songs:


Month                    M Praise No.       Title

April 2013              MP1139              You chose the cross [used only once in 2013]

April 2013              MP839                He has risen

April 2013              MP1031              Befriended

Jun/July 2013        MP1076             Jesus be the centre

July 2013               MP1222              Strength will rise

Sept 2013              MP1036              Blessed be your name

Nov 2014               MP1045              From the squalor of a borrowed stable

Jan 2014                MP1026             All my days I will sing this song with gladness

Feb 2014                MP 1201            Longing for light 

Mar 2014                MP1086             Light of the World [Here I am to Worship]

April 2014               MP1217             Oh to see the dawn

May 2014               MP1227             The Splendour of the King (how great is our God)

June 2014             MP1004              O God of burning cleansing flame

July 2014              MP1034              Beautiful Lord, wonderful Saviour 

[Pause as we introduced new liturgy]

January 2015       MP                        I will offer up my life

February 2015                                   Bless the Lord O my soul (10,000 reasons) 

March 2015                                       Everyone needs compassion

April 2015                                          At the foot of the cross

Additional Songs known by the choir

At the foot of the cross                                                    [MP1023]

Bless the Lord O my soul [10,000 reasons]

Come Lord Jesus Come [All who are thirsty]                 [MP1025]

Everyone needs compassion                                          [MP1168]

Faithful one                                                                     [MP825]

From the highest of heights to the depths of the seas     [MP1170]

Here I am (Majesty)                                                          [MP1181]

How deep the father’s love                                             [MP988]

I believe in Jesus [as a creed]                                         [MP264]

I’m giving you my heart                                                   [MP1190]

I see the King of Glory [Hosanna]                                    [MP1185]

I will bless the Lord forever                                              [MP1186]

I will offer up my life                                                         [MP990]

Lord let your glory fall                                                      [MP1202]

May the words of my mouth                                         [Tim Hughes]

My hope is built on nothing less [Cornerstone]

Name above all names                                                    [MP1211]

Nothing can tear us from [Furious]

Oh Kneel me down again                                                [MP1098]

Open the eyes of my heart                                              [MP1100]

Our God is Greater


Praise is rising                                                                  [MP1221]

Thank you for your mercy [Great is your mercy]             [MP1223]

We bow down                                                                 [MP 1123]

We break this bread                                                       [MP721]

When the music fades                                                    [MP1016]

Who can know the mind of our creator                          [MP1240]

Your grace is enough more than I need [Reuben Morgan]


Songs which choir proposes to learn

Great is He who’s the king of kings                               [MP1048 ]

I will worship                                                                   [MP991]

Jesus Christ I think upon your sacrifice                         [MP995]

Jesus lover of my soul                                                    [MP997]

King of Kings majesty                                                     [MP1000]

You are merciful to me                                                   [MP1018]

Everlasting God                                                              [MP1041]

Here I am once again I pour out my heart                      [MP1054]

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty                        [MP1058]

I have heard so many songs                                          [MP1063]

Other songs for possible consideration

1021 You’re the lion of Judah

1026 Am Im forgiven

994 Its rising up

1046 Gve thank to the Lod

1061 Hungry





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