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This section of the website is primarily relevant to those leading services at St Johns, whether as part of the benefice clergy team, lay leaders or as visiting service leaders.

Contained on this web page:

  • Notes for service leaders re inclusion of songs/sung liturgy
    • Schedule for Glorias
    • Children’s songs
    • Song choices
    • Blog of songs sung
    • Musicians
  • Song lists
    • Newer songs known
    • Song introduction schedule
    • Mission Praise index of songs known [historical]
  • Release
    • Songs known
  • Service colour and musicians rota
  • Worship for All Guidance


Notes for service leaders re inclusion of songs/sung liturgy

Agreed guidance from the worship committee to service leaders is as follows:


Week 1 – WFA so no Gloria

Week 2 – Gloria with clapping

Week 3 – Traditional Gloria [Appleford]

Week 4 – Peruvian Gloria

Children’s songs

To be sung in week 1 and week 3 and as otherwise felt appropriate by service leaders – see list below.

Song choices

Per service: At least 1x trad hymn; 2 x newer songs [see list below]; at least one other. Children’s songs as per above. Exception is Green Book services where there is flexibility to use more traditional songs. Please ensure though that there is a song from the song introduction list below.

Blog of Songs Sung

Week by week service leaders are requested to send their list of songs to a specific email address and a record will be kept at the following website:

The email address has been circulated and can be obtained from Ben Ling if needed.


For details of service book colours and musicians see the bottom of this page after the song lists.


Morning Service Newer Songs Known – List up to date to Nov 2018


Not from Mission Praise

Bless the Lord O my soul [10,000 reasons]

I’ve heard a thousand stories (Good Good father)

May the words of my mouth

Let our praise be your welcome [Here for you]

Fullness of Grace [Christmas 2017]

There’s nothing worth more [Holy spirit you are welcome here] [April 2018]

You give life [Great are you lord] [main service] [introduced June 2018]

From Mission Praise

825 faithful one so unchanging [main service] [introduced Sept 2018]

872 jesus jesus holy and anointed

880 Lord I come to You [The Power of your love]

921 purify my heart [introduced July 2018]

971 before the throne of god above

990 I will offer up my life

991 I will worship [You alone are worthy of my praise]

1003 My Jesus my saviour [Shout to the Lord]

1004 O God of burning cleansing flame

1005 Our God is an awesome God

1008 The Lord’s my shepherd

1016 When the music fades [introduced July 2018]

1023 At the foot of the cross [introduced Sept 2018]

1024 All my days I will sing this song

1025 All who are thirsty [Come Lord Jesus Come]

1031 Befriended

1034 Beautiful Lord wonderful saviour

1036 Blessed be your name

1040 Come now is the time to worship

1045 From the squalor of a borrowed stable

1063 I have heard so many songs [introduced Oct 2018]

1072 In Christ alone

1076 Jesus be the centre

1086 Light of the world

1098 O kneel me down again

1123 We bow down and confess

1139 You chose the cross with every breath [introduced Nov 2018]

1163 Christ’s is the world [done once or twice a long time ago]

1168 Everyone need compassion

1170 From to highest of heights

1175 God in my living

1190 Im giving you my heart 

1201 Longing for Light

1217 O to see the dawn [Townend Easter]

1222 Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord

1240   Who can know the mind of our creator

1227 The Splendour of the King [How great is our God]


Children’s songs

God loves me I want to shout it out


Lubbley Jubbley

City on a Hill

Trust the Lord

Every move I make [Na na na na na na]

Our God is a Great big God

Our God is a good God yes he is

I give thanks to you my heavenly father [Slugs and snails]



[coming soon]


You were the word at the beginning [What a beautiful name]   [communion]


Mission Praise Index:

St John’s uses Mission Praise as its primary Hymn Book. The index provided below  is sorted alphabetically. Next to the song title is an annotation 1, 2 or 3. Songs marked with a number are known to the St John’s congregation. 3 is a well known song. 1 is a lesser known song. The index is in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file. The list is updated only to 2014/2015. See lists above for newer songs known.

Mission Praise Index



Newer Songs Known

Italicised Songs are known to the morning congregation as at January 2018

Songs marked with a ** are those with a video track purchased or available from for weeks where a band is not available.

All my days (Beautiful Saviour)

All who are thirsty [Come Lord Jesus Come]

A thousand times I’ve failed [From the Inside Out]                         **


Blessed be your name                                                                               **

Bless the Lord O my Soul (10,000 reasons)                                           **

Come now is the time to worship                                                           **

Everyone needs compassion (Mighty to save)                                      **

From the highest of heights (Indescribable)                                         **

God take me back (Simple Pursuit)

Grace you’ve shown me grace (You have won me)

How deep the Father’s love for us                                                            **

How Great is our God (The Splendour of the King)                               **

If faith can move mountains (Waiting here for you)                          **

I have heard so many songs

In Christ alone                                                                                              **

I see the King of glory (Hosanna)                                                            **

I see your face (Beautiful)

I’ve heard a thousand stories (Good Good father)                               **

I will offer up my life                                                                                   **

I will never know (Isn’t this the way)

I will worship (You’re worthy of my praise)

Jesus be the centre

King of love and grace (Guardian)                                                           **

Let our praise be your welcome (Here for you)

Light of the world (Here I am to worship                                                **

Lord let your glory fall (You are good)

May the words of my mouth

More love, more power

Nothing can separate (Your love never fails)

Oh kneel me down again (Humble King)                                                **

Spirit Break out (Our father all of heaven roars your name)

Strength will rise                                                                                         **

The Lord’s my shepherd                                                                             **

There’s nothing worth more [Holy spirit you are welcome here]    **

Water you turned into wine                                                                     **

We bow down

When the music fades (The Heart of Worship)                                   **

Who breaks the power [This is amazing grace]                                   **

Worthy is the Lamb (Revelation Song)                                                   **

You breathe life (Spirit Fall)

You give life (Great are you Lord)                                                          **

You were the word at the beginning [What a beautiful name]        **

Service Colours and Musicians


Dec 2nd WFA Ben WFA 1
9th Clare BLUE 2
16th David YELLOW 3
23rd Ben PURPLE 4
3oth Partnership David PARTNERSHIP 5


Colour Musician Week No
Jan 6th WFA Ben 1
13th Green David 2
20th Blue Clare 3
27th Yellow Sue 4
Feb 3rd WFA Ben 1
10th Purple Ben 2
17th Green David 3
24th Blue Clare 4
Mar 3rd WFA Ben 1
10th Yellow Ben 2
17th Purple Sue 3
24th Green David 4
31st WFA Ben 5
April 7th Partnership St Aidans 1
14th Palm Sunday Ben 2
21st Easter Ben 3
28th Blue David 4
May 5th WFA Sue 1
12th Yellow Ben 2
19th Purple Clare 3
26th Green David 4
June 2nd WFA Sue 1
9th Blue Ben 2
16th Yellow David 3
23th Purple Clare 4
30th Partnership St Marys 5
July 7th WFA Ben 1
14th Green David 2
21st Blue Clare 3
28th Yellow Sue 4


Worship for All

Below is a file containing the current worship for all guidelines: [updated October 2018]

Worship for All Guidelines Oct 18


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